Friday, March 09, 2012

The Washington Nationals

Tonight I was going to post about the Expos, in order to get the Canadian teams out of the way.  And come to find out, they stopped being the Expos quite a few years ago.  They're the Nationals now.  I felt kind of out of the loop when I heard that.  Anyway, this morning I went to do car duty and there was a cameraman out there and an interviewwoman interviewing.  Our assistant principal was with them.  They asked me if I would answer some questions about testing.  I answered the questions and told them that I felt the direction the state is going with the new IRead test is a bad direction.  I felt it went fine and then I went back to greeting peeps as they popped out of cars.  The filmers interviewed a couple of parents and then moved on.  Later, several people expressed their shock that I had answered questions on camera.  One person suggested that I would get my hand slapped soon for talking to the media about testing.  This bugged me.  Teachers, we don't sign away our first amendment rights when we sign up for teaching gigs.  We can write letters to the editor, or our congresspeople, join anti-testing groups on social media, talk to tv interviewers, stand on streetcorners, walk, mix and mingle. It's all part of being a citizen of this great land.  In a way, we're all Washington Nationals.  Not sure what I mean by that last line, but it seems like a way to tie up this post.
On another good note, our spring break started a few hours ago.  Huzzah!


mm said...

We not only can, we SHOULD!

StreibProjects said...

Yes we should! I avoided the camera people because I was afraid that I would say bad words.

Jim said...

yeah, give 'em hell, Lee!

KC said...

I'm guilty of forgetting about my 1st amendment rights from time to time. Thanks for this reminder!

And, I bet you did great in the interview. Link, pls.!

Anonymous said...

Hooray for you! You're no puppet!


Goodwoman said...

I agree with speaking your mind. Of course I often tell people exactly what I think of things whether I'm asked or not!