Wednesday, October 05, 2011

The Squirrel

One of my colleagues at work is a hunterman.  Today I asked him if he ever ate squirrel.  Come to find out, he's eaten squirrel a ton of times.  He fries it up.  He says it's really good.  Last night he shot 19 doves, and then he breasted them, wrapped bacon around the meat and made kabobs out of them.  I've eaten neither squirrel nor dove.  I don't eat animals, but I have a certain admiration for Hunterman's get up and go.  When he saw me heating up my lean cuisine in the microwave, he looked concerned.  "That stuff'll kill ya, Doc."  True, I thought, but at least I don't have to kill it.  It's conveniently waiting on the other side of that 5 minute nuking.


kc said...

Omg, that really grosses me out. Maybe those animals have rabies?!?1

mm said...

I might not have been brave enough to ask.

Hey, cool new background!

Anonymous said...

oh the irony.

Goodwoman said...

I love the quote I can hear him saying it! For the record yes squirrel is tasty enough. It tastes a bit like chicken.