Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Leaves

Good news!  I rearranged my office space.  Now everything looks roomier and more organized.  I'm thinking of having an office warming tomorrow.  Bagels?  Orange Juice?  I want to do it right.  Make the space a place of warmth and hospitality and just some old time fun.  A place where colleagues can plop down, munch on some healthy food items and remember that we all work together for the good of the little squirrel nutkins that attend our artful school, and for the good of one another.  Lofty goals, but doable ones.  I invite you all. Please bring some type of office warming gift with you, so that I'll always remember you.


Anonymous said...

Did you hang the LB LP?


LH said...

It is prominently displayed!

Anonymous said...

An office warming party sounds wonderful.

The Clickiness

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