Sunday, October 02, 2011

The Papers

Blogging the Sunday Papers

In the Herald Times: Our town has been called the 3rd poorest city of its size in the US.  If I didn’t work at poor school, I probably wouldn’t believe it, but there are a heck of a lot of v. poor people over where I work, so I do believe it.

100 people marched to remember a mom who was brutally murdered a year ago.  Her daughter goes to my school.  A teacher marched with our principal.  I’m grateful they participated.  I didn't.  I went to the zoo.  Saw the baby elephant, Kalina.  V. sweet.

Moved on to the NYT Front section.  Nurses who get PhD's want to be called Dr. So and So, but this seems to be confusing people and annoying medical doctors.  Pshaw I say.  People in Portland Maine don't like a work of public art.  It's coming down. A plane crashed into a ferris wheel in Australia.  No injuries.  Coupon sites are not doing well.  I'm finally learning about these, but it would seem they'll be on their way out soon.  Sunday puzzle.  Aced in record time.  33 minutes.  In partnership with Husbandman.

Lives piece at the back of the mag.  Some of our soldiers stole someone’s cow in Afghanistan and ate it for dinner.  They refused to pay for the cow later.  Why couldn’t they pay for the cow?  How do they think that’s okay?  Disappointing.

Picture spreads in the mag about fams eating dinner together.  Not crazy about the family dinner scenario, so I feel guilty as I look over the close knit families around their tables, enjoying each other.  Interview with Anita Hill.  She’s still fighting the good fight, ignoring nonsense. 

Arts and Leisure, nothing too fascinating.  Except someone just released an Oscar Peterson album.  Used his old tapes and with new technology, the recording has been highly praised. Footloose has been remade too.  Not sure why I want to see it, but I do. 

On to Sunday Review.  Articles about fat politicians.  Let’s just leave them alone. Letters about the death penalty.  Opposing views.  No chance of middle ground.  Learned about Vivekananda, the Indian monk who brought yoga to the west.  His birthday's coming up.  I should do yoga. Read over signs and hand gestures restauranteurs use to communicate in code to one another during service.  Read a bit about compassion fatigue.  Overall sense that we are not becoming less compassionate makes me feel somewhat better. Small piece by Tina Rosenberg on Rapid Results, trying to make social change in 100 days.  Maybe the people at school would like to read that?  Maybe I should do a 100 day Rapid Result social or personal change program.  Might be a possible blog challenge????

Book Review.  Several reviews I want to read, (Mahler, T.S. Eliot) but it’s getting to be shower and then head over to the artful school time.  Quick check of bestsellers.  Keep wondering if I should read Cutting for Stone.  I have read 6 of the paperback 20, so that makes me feel pretty darned good about myself.  Family Fang should be on there.  What gives?

Gotta wrap this up.  Farewell, print journalism artifacts. Thanks for your contribution to my pleasant Sunday morning.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the newsy blog!!
I do believe the news about being a poor community. They just had to ask a teacher that one! I won't make the movie today- we are enjoying the sunshine as much as we can. I do want to see the movie next week though, about that one band that couldn't make it in for Lotus.

kc said...

Wonderful recap! Thanks! I haven't read the news today, so this was helpful.

mm said...

I don't read the newspaper anymore because I get my news online. Even when I did read the paper, I wasn't too thorough. Great job!

Yes, you should read Cutting for Stone if you want to.

Anonymous said...

Cutting for Stone is a good read. I think.

Julie said...

Cutting for Stone is a FANTASTIC book. Loved it. Read it if you want to, but I hope you want to. :)

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