Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Choices

Well, I did in fact turn 51 yesterday.  My workday at artful school was filled with meetings up til 630pm, but then we ventured out to a marvy tasting menu dinner at terrific Tallent.  What a dream that was.  Today is the day Husbandman turns 52, which is happening right now.  I'm actually considering cooking something for him.  It's been years since I boiled water, so this will be an exciting new adventure.

Yesterday I was making some books with some kinders and to be cool and hip I let them choose markers, colored pencils or crayons.  They all love markers so that's the route they took.  The problem with markers is the kinders love to draw on their bodies with them. LittleRedhead, whenever he would hear me correct another kinder for bodydrawing, would put both arms under the table, obviously drawing on his arms, all the while staring straight into my eyes.
        "I know what you're doing, Little RedHead! Please stop." This went on and on for some time.  . When CuteArtistGirl used the blue for lipstick right in front of me, I told her to wash off her face. Sure enough, when I looked over to check out LittleRedHead, he was doing his under the table markering shtick.
     "Listen LittleRedHead, you're back to CRAYONLAND!" I told him, but not unkindly.
      He instantly burst into tears which is one of his amazing talents and whimpered, "I don't want to be in CRAYONLAND!"  Really hard to reason with LittleRedHead so I calmed him down and we finished up our books.  I decided to ignore his arm markering after that.
       When it was time to leave the cool kinders, they gathered round for a birthday picture and LitleRedHead hopped into my lap.
      "HappyBirthday Doctor H!"  He screamed smiling into my face.
       "Thanks LittleRedHead, I'm 51."
        "I'm 52!" he shouted back.
        "You're very old, sir."
LittleRedHead is someone to watch. You'll probably read about him again here some time in future.


mm said...

Unfortunately 7th graders also love marking on themselves. They, however, have matured to Sharpies.

Happy Belated Birthday!!

Julie said...

hahaha. 'The Advenutures of LittleRedHead' You have some weirdo little kids there at the jobsite.

unabashed liberal said...

Happy Birthday!!! It must be nice to be so young and full of energy and enthusiasm to deal with the kinders. They are lucky to have you.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! Keep these stories coming!

Anonymous said...

LOVE your school stories, and the naming of the characters.
Looking forward to seeing you.
Do you want to do pizza, or just wine and cheese???


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah. Happy birthday to Peter!

LH said...

Pizza, s'il vous plais. (sp?)

I'm thinking I'll get there around 5? Working out the car situation. 2 cars 3 people. Doesn't seem like this should get so complicated, but it does. I'm counting down til I see you! Love 2 u!!!

Anonymous said...

5 is perfect.
Have someone drop you off, but don't set a pickup time. He can come get you when you call.

Anonymous said...

Actually - I could drive you home.


LH said...

I'm picking peter up at 445 at iu and then he'll drive me over. and he can pick me up too, at whatever time. I'm v. excited about this. THANKS!

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