The Tartar

Marsden Hartley
Found out some facts about tartar today at my dental appointment that I'd like to share with both of you.

  • Most people, including me, get tartar buildup right behind their front teeth.  
  • We have a salivary gland near the bottom of our tongue so saliva pools there.
  • If you have a goodly amount of saliva, you get more tartar build up.
  • If you don't have goodly amounts of saliva, you tend to have more tooth decay. 
  • Most medications today have the negative side effect of drying people's mouths out, so that has resulted in problems with increased tooth decay for many people.  
  • We fight this problem with fluoride, but it's still an issue for many. 


mm said…
Thanks for sharing... I think...
Anonymous said…
Dang! Too many appointments for a break my friend!
LevineLiteracy said… I know.
Molly Hogan said…
Love your accompanying Marsden Hartley painting! Thanks for the info! lol