The Beginning (Fiction)

Disaster in the driveway.  All 4 tires slashed.  The Civic looked so sad and old, like a piece of junk really.  It seemed weird to her that flat tires could make such a difference in a car's overall affect.

It wasn't a surprise really.  Report cards went out yesterday. She had thought about passing the 2 punks in 5th period just to be done with them, but they hadn't turned in any assignments at all.  And they were smug about it.  It was her own fault.  She passed some punks last semester who pulled the same nonsense and now others obviously expected similar treatment.  Fletcher had told her that word gets around fast about teachers who don't take grading seriously, and as usual she was right. Well, live and learn. They could slash her tires all they wanted.  They were taking biology again.

2 miles to school. She would walk and deal with the car later. She planned to start a fitness routine this year. It might as well be today.  She would miss the 7:15 faculty meeting entirely.  Not a bad start after all.


Jennifer Laffin said…
Love the ending! I wasn't expecting it to turn from something bad into something good.

KC said…
A winner. They're taking biology again.