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Photo Credit:  Judith, on vacation in Wyoming
I was so thrilled that KC chose Back and Forth to be one of her top nonfiction reads of the year.  Excited as all get out, I instantly shared her status and my happiness on Facebook.   Many friends congratulated me heartily. I didn't mention that KC and I have been close friends for well over a decade because 90% of the people I know are well acquainted with KC.  Still, I started worrying about the whole thing and my initial glee turned into a bit of a quandary.

I wondered if I should edit to include a full disclosure comment about knowing KC?  #1 Son said not to worry about it.  Husbandman asked, "How do you always seem to get yourself into these situations?"

In the end, I decided to leave well enough alone.  KC read a lot of books last year and she liked mine a lot and I am absolutely thrilled that she liked Back and Forth so much.  So even though I felt slightly uncomfortable about people perhaps thinking Back and Forth received an honor akin to being selected as a NYT Best Book of the Year, I've decided to keep the Facebook status as is and just hang on to my true feeling of happiness about being mentioned by KC on her amazing blog.  Kudos, Back and Forth!


mm said…
You don't need to say anything. I also loved the book (for real).
LH said…
Thanks, MM!!!! You're extremely awesome.
Anonymous said…
kudos, LH!
This situation kinda cracked me up! That said, I definitely don't think anyone's enthusiasm would have been diminished by learning that you and KC are good buds. If anything, your friendship amplify's each other's fame and prestige!