The Newness

This is a Mose Tolliver painting called Magician Lady.  We saw it at the High Museum.  Mose Tolliver was self taught and usually painted with house paint on old boards.  After a leg injury, he couldn't walk well, so he decided to paint to deal with his pain.  I love his title for one of his paintings:  Jick Jack Suzy Satisfying Her Own Self.

Yesterday I had to watch some videos about having a colonoscopy because I'm having a colonoscopy this week.  The video format for medical preparedness gets on my last nerve.  The computer kept telling me about risks.  Every time it would describe a risk, I had to click on a button so that someone somewhere would have evidence that I've acknowledged that I could lose an eye or be paralyzed in both feet.  I found the whole thing annoying.  It was hard to believe that the computer video gal cares about me and my well being. Think it through, medical community.

Today I read about bullet journals.  I may make my new moleskin calendar into a bullet journal this year.  It's a creative endeavor that also promotes productivity.

Everyone's saying that resolutions are dumb, but I kind of like them.  I am already thinking about my sankalpa for 2018.  It may be something like I do whatever I want.  Or ... I stay true to my whole self.  Or possibly... I am a magician lady.  Any of these sankalpas could do the trick.  I'll play around with them this month.  Happy New Year, Good Friends.


mm said…
I think my paper calendar is similar to a bullet journal, but less intense. The reality is that I really only update my electronic calendar, so it's a creative idea but might not work.

I like the Sankalpa: "I am a magician lady." Perhaps it could turn to... I am magical inside and out.

Happy New Year!
KC said…
I'm really sorry about the colonoscopy. I'm down with the bullet journal, and I love resolutions. I don't care what anyone else says about that.