The Sights

All the Money in the World is a movie you should see if you feel like it.  It's about the kidnapping of J. Paul Getty III when he was a teenager.  He lived in Rome.  His super rich grandfather didn't want to pay the ransom.  Interesting side note, I tweeted about enjoying the movie and the screenwriter David Scarpa liked my tweet.  WIN WIN.

As we drove home, we saw the bright Wolf Moon. It's named after the howling wolves of yore.  Just once, I'd like to see a howling wolf in my backyard on a clear night with a brilliant Wolf Moon overhead.  Is that asking too much?

I watched the season premier of the Bachelor.  Husbandman deserted me so I had to view solo, which I didn't find very supportive.  I read all the tweets about the show, but I didn't tweet much.  One tweeter tweeted something about how the gowns seemed way more low key this season and she was glad about that. I could not understand that sentiment to save my life because believe you me, those gowns were fancy as all get out.  I am rooting for one gal who played the ukulele and sang a song to The Bachelor.  Love her creativity.

This morning, a hawk sat perched in a tree in our neighbor's backyard.  I used binoculars to get a better look and come to find out, that hawk was staring right at me.  It's gone now but there are plenty of birds out back flitting about and fluffing up on this 12 degree day, questioning the lack of birdseed in our yard.  I feel badly, but remember how a few years ago, we had a rodent running around back there?  I had to make a hard decision at that time. Sorry, birds.


mm said…
I find your decision about not attracting rodents to be solid. Besides, can't the birds eat the rodents?
KC said…
I fell asleep before the rose ceremony, but I think my favorite is short-haired Beckah. I think that was her name.