Tuesday, May 02, 2017

May Bee Day 2

Maybe other people are enjoying their day off today.  But maybe I'm not and maybe that's because I'm working on 6,000 copy editing queries that are embedded into the chapters of the book.  I'm committed to finishing this today, but remember I've told you I'm not detail oriented?  Why can't people just get this about me and stop asking me to do things that require extended periods of focused concentration on my freaking day off?

Because I've committed to finishing this copy editing torture, I'll probably have to stay up all night and just drive to school tomorrow without showering, wearing these same clothes.  Maybe I'll just start smoking cigarettes today. For some reason I feel that smoking cigarettes could really get me through.  Maybe I'll smoke Marlboros in the red box. That's what my mom used to smoke when I was a kid. Mrs. Diemers across the street used to buy them for her at the army base store where she shopped because her husband was in the army.  Cigarettes were cheaper there.  Every week, my brother Glenn and I would go to Mrs. Diemers' house to get my mom's carton of cigarettes.  Mrs. Diemers would give us candy that looked like ribbons.  I never liked that candy, but I always ate it anyway. If only Mrs. Diemers could be here today to give me cigarettes and candy and friendly encouragement. I wonder where Mrs. Diemers is right now?  Maybe she died.


mm said...

I like the ribbon candy. You've got this! You are doing awesome. Keep it up. Editing is sooooo rewarding.
How am I doing with friendly encouragement?

LH said...

Well done! Thank you Dear!

Sadly, I did not finish, but I'm getting close and there's always tomorrow.

It's due the 5th.

I've got all the time in the world.

KC said...

This made me laugh. Great job. Also I'm about to post a blog. So you've inspired me.

Anonymous said...

Marlboro cigs are the worst!!! The company used to hand out free cigs when we were on spring break in Florida. Yuk!

I think it's time to take an afternoon off and finish. What do ya say?