Wednesday, May 03, 2017

May Bee Post 3

Maybe I need to get one of those fidget spinners.  Today a kid brought one to school.  It was my first encounter with the fidget spinner and I've got to say I liked it a lot. Man Alive, that thing can spin like there's no tomorrow. I don't want the kids to have the spinners though.  Just the teachers.

Today a woman walked into the classroom well before the bell rang and handed me an empty vase.  Because of Teacher Appreciation Day, the PTO requested kids bring flowers to their teachers.  It was a very wonderful way to start the day.  I received a lot of beautiful flowers and filled up several vases with them.  GO PTO!  THANKS BE TO PTO!  One of my sweet Thirdlanders saw how happy I was as I arranged the flowers and said, "Maybe we should have a Dr. H. Appreciation Day just for you, where the whole school brings you flowers."  Come to find out, I thought her idea was top notch and I  told her to please talk to Mr. Principal about making DHAD happen soon.  Maybe I'll send a few Thirdlanders up to the office tomorrow to get DHAD on the calendar. Not too many days left, so Mr. Principal's going to have to get crackin'.  STAT.


KC said...

I'm for this day. I'd also like a day, but it's not looking likely.

mm said...

The fidget spinners are amazing when they are not in my classroom. Actually, I'm taking them in the hall too.

Let me know about DHAD, so I can put it on my calendar. It should be yearly.