Monday, May 01, 2017

May Bee Day 1

Maybe we're going to get through this school year, but the jury's still out to tell you the truth.  It's always tough when it gets down to the end.  Stories to publish, research projects to finish up, novels to plow through.  It gets kind of crazy.  It's weird and unnatural to think that we're supposed to keep learning until we stop on that final day, when we head out to summer. I wish I didn't care about time on task as much as I do.  If I could lighten up on that, life would improve considerably for myself and for others.   Sage Cohen says we need to recognize that we "can exit the loop of overwhelm."   I see the last day of school as my exit ramp.  Until then we're going to keep plugging along. Every time someone tells me we only have X days left, I feel like screaming out, "Make it stop! I can't get it all done! We NEED MORE TIME!"  Maybe I should just go teach at a year round school, where there's no beginning and no end.  Or maybe not.  It's going to end and I'm going to be happy.  My dad tells me, "You're on short time now, Kid."  I've just got to do my best and forget the rest.

The May Bee has begun.


mm said...

This morning a colleague came up and told me we had x days left. I looked at her and said, "Don't tell me. I have too much left to do." I do not like to count down at the end of the year. As with Thirdland, I have a lot of teaching left to do.

kc said...

I count down every year. It's in my nature. 18. This year has been a long one.

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