Saturday, May 13, 2017

May Bee Day 13

Maybe it's been a great day after all.  The streptococcus is responding to the z-pack.  Better luck next time, streptococcus.

My brother and sister in law, and my parents and my sister and my nephew and Husbandman were all here for a fine lunch.  We ate cake and sang to my Dad, who turned 88 this week.  Here's an interview with my dad.

How do you feel about turning 88, Dad?
I feel relieved.  I'm looking forward to 89.

Favorite time in the last 90 years?
The 1960's.  You kids were being born.  I was working, going to night school, I was married to a wonderful woman.  The world seemed optimistic at the time.  America was riding high.

Who's your favorite child?
(laughing) Shirley Temple.

Tell me about an early job you had.
I worked at Walter Baker's Chocolate.  We made chocolate bars for K rations.  Ration Bars.  My first day there, I was working diligently and came break time and I reached in my shirt pocket for my cigars.  They were gone, As I reached over to put the concoction into the chute, I was bending over and my cigars must have fallen into the chute.  Some lucky guy got a candy bar that tasted like chewing tobacco instead of chocolate.

Thanks, DAD!  You're my favorite DAD ever.  NO doubt about it.


Anonymous said...

I just love these stories!

Anonymous said...

Lovely. Just lovely.

mm said...

Great interview! Happy Birthday LH's dad!!

mm said...

Also, I love the picture!!

Julie said...

best interview ever.