Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May Bee Day 31

Maybe the May Bee wraps up today.  This very day is the first day of summer.  Sage Cohen's writing prompt today is to draft a thank you letter to the universe for future events and successes that you expect to be grateful for.  Here goes:

Dear Universe,
     Thanks for the best summer I've ever had.  I loved having the time to write, garden, slog, and visit with friends every day.  I got to spend time with 20Something and #1 Son and we already have plans for our next family get together.
      Orcas Island was stunning.  We  saw a ton of orcas and hiked to waterfalls and overlooks. 
     My time with my parents in Georgia was a blast.  Ann and Dan guide me in the direction of awesome aging.  The trip down there gave me the opportunity to learn how to use their backyard grill to create some pretty amazing meals, in my humble opinion.   I had never grilled before, but turns out I have a real knack for it. My family says I should start my own "Just Grillin'" vegetarian food truck.  I'm seriously considering it.  
       Husbandman and I just docked the pontoon for the final time.  We saw so many bald eagles this summer and I shared our picnic lunches with a few of them.  I can't believe the great pictures I got of the bald eagle that liked to perch on the front of the pontoon in the early evenings while we floated along, watching the sunset.   
       I should be getting my copies of Back and Forth any day now. That's going to be like icing on the cake. 
       I feel rested and recharged.  Ready for new adventures with a new bunch of fabulous Thirdlanders.  Thank you, Thank you.  




KC said...

God, I want to go glamping on Orcas Island!

mm said...

I have a visual image of the eagle on your new pontoon. Your summer was amazing.

Judy Williams said...

It's the perfect summer.

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