Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thursday Creativity Share: African American Read In

It's time for the African American Read In.  Judith gathered all the books for us and we're reading away.  Some of the new books I've read because of the Read In are:

1.  Ashley Bryan's Puppets by Ashley Bryan. Ashley Bryan makes cool puppets out of stuff that washes up on the beach.  His puppets are stunning.  I'm not as crazy about the poems about the puppets, but the full page photographs in this book are splendid.  This is going to be a great partner book to Georgia In Hawaii because Georgia liked to find objects on the beach and turn them into art as well.  I wonder how I can get one of Mr. Bryan's puppets.  If you're reading this blog, Mr. Bryan, please send me a puppet as soon as possible.

2.  Before John Was a Jazz Giant.  This is a simple book about John Coltrane as a child.  I need to learn more about John Coltrane because he's obviously a jazz giant and one of the greatest saxophone players to ever live.  I'm hoping to learn to play the saxophone in the near future.  Just like John Coltrane.

3.  Josephine:  The Dazzling Life of Josephine Baker.  Thirdlanders are loving this biography of Josephine Baker.  Did you know she had a pet cheetah?  She was phenomenally famous too on stage and screen. She really didn't put up with any nonsense.

4.  Rent Party Jazz by William Miller.  I didn't know about the rent parties.  Lots of famous jazz musicians played at these parties when they were still up and coming.  People who were having trouble paying their rent would have a rent party.  Win win.  Great illustrations in this beautiful picture book.

5.  Harlem Renaissance Party by Faith Ringgold. If you are wondering what was so great about the Harlem Renaissance, you should go ahead and read it.  I wish I could have been hanging out in the Harlem Renaissance with all the coolest artists our country had to offer. Sidenote: Speaking of Harlem,  there's a new statue of Malcolm X in the spot where he was shot, the Audubon Ballroom.  I would like to see that statue this summer when and if I take some textile classes at the New School in Manhattan.

Thursday Creativity Share.  My goal is to read a new book from the cart every day in February.  So far, I'm doing great.  New books by and about creative people.  It really doesn't get much better than that.  


KC said...

This is fantastic. I am visiting New York in August, so maybe I'll see that statue?

mm said...

Great creativity share!!

LH said...

KC, I think you should swing by to see it.
Why are you going there this summer?


Anonymous said...

Love Ashley Bryan's Puppets! Really great work! I wish others would use these beautiful books that I spent hours researching , ordering and pulling together. Such a great way to celebrate!