Sunday, February 01, 2015

The Liberties

After the Columbus gig
#1 in his Latin Ensemble attire.

After we saw the fabulous FOXCATCHER movie yesterday evening, Husbandman and I headed to a lovely local eatery.  I've been going to this eatery lately with some good pals, off and on.  The waiter recognized me and said, "Well I know you love Chardonnay and we have one on special."
Husbandman added, "You know her well."
The waiter said something else about how much Chardonnay I'm always ordering.

I wanted to say, "Give it a rest, Small Fry" because I felt friendly waiter was taking certain liberties with my story.
 Director Bennett Miller took liberties with the Foxcatcher timeline as well. Liberty taking is going around.   At any rate, Husbandman gives the movie a 4.  I give it a 5.  In conclusion, it might or might not be okay to take liberties when telling true tales.  And also in conclusion, we both loved this movie and if you want to see it, you should.


KC said...

Q is such a cute Latin ensemble player!!

jdoc said...

I'd like to see a movie. Any movie. Maybe it will be Foxcatcher. Yes, I think it will be.