Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Reminders

Yesterday was a hell of a day.

One minute I'm teaching with intention and care.

The next minute I'm driving to the hospital because #1 Son's going to get his appendix out.

One minute we're all set for a quick laparascopic surgery with a 2 day recovery time.

The next minute, come to find out, #1 Son has to have his appendix taken out the old fashioned way, with a huge incision, multiple days in the hospital and several weeks of recovery time.

One minute I'm home for a quick shower.

The next minute I'm blogging quickly so I can get back to the hospital to talk to #1 Son's doctor.

So, in conclusion, know that this present minute is not going to last forever.  I know this, but it seems like I forget it and relearn it over and over again.  And also in conclusion, #1 Son is doing well and already showing signs of his quintessential self.  He can only have ice chips for his diet right now.  We spoon ice chips into his mouth whenever he points over to the styrofoam cup and says, "Chip me."


Ms. W. said...

OMG! Why the huge incision? Poor Quinny!!!!

Anonymous said...

So this is a horrendous change from our texting last night. Poor Q and sadness for you! It will be over before long. Hang in there!

mm said...

Oh no! I hope ALL improves. Take care of yourself and Quinn.

cb said...

Oh Lee. That is a lot. I hope all goes as well as possible. I know it will. But still, that's a lot.

Love to all of you.

unabashed liberal said...

Glad all is going well. I will be thinking of you.

KC said...

I'm in need of an update. How's the patient? How are you??

LH said...

All is going well. Just took a walk around the floor. The other patients appear to be total slackers. (FYI)

Anonymous said...

All just so horrible. V. horrible.

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