Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Firm

#1 Son is home with us.  Feeling better, but not awesome.

My recuperation regimen for him today involves:

  • easy walks every 40 minutes, of 5 to 10 minutes in duration
  • drinking water and herbal tea on the hour
  • intake of soup made by sweet friends
  • watching The Firm, the Tom Cruise/Gene Hackman classic
I think The Firm is a good prescription because it's a classic film, but not of the highest quality.  It's easy to watch and can be interrupted with impunity as a result of

  • drifting off into narcotized naps
  • Forced easy walking every 40 minutes
One of these mornings, #1 Son is going to wake up singing. Unfortunately today is not that day.  We have confidence, however, that the day of singing is on its way.


nancy reynolds said...

I am so ready for the singing to begin. Heal quickly Quinn!

mm said...

I'm glad this happened while you were in the states, and I'm glad he's on the "road to recovery."

Anonymous said...

Narcotized is an awesome word. He might like all those Matt Damon movies this week.

KC said...

Keep up the good work, peeps. I'm glad you're there for each other!!