Friday, February 06, 2015

The Flu

Dental Office Selfie
They're dropping like flies in this family.  Husbandman has hideous bronchitis with all the coughing a person can handle.  #1 Son's here on the couch with a raging fever.  Even 20 Something, feeling the filial connections even cross continent, had to go to an urgent care last night to get antibiotics.

It's basically up to me to keep this family running. The problem is, I have to go to my job.  So Husbandman is going to drive #1 to the doctor this morning.

I think my main purpose right now is to stay in good health and to give some extra TLC to those around me.

There has been sickness with The Thirdlanders as well this week.  I am sorry to report that one little sweetie had profuse vomiting nearly immediately after I had suggested there might be a lack of effort where the math assignment was concerned.   Obviously, I'll live with guilt over this event for the rest of my life.

From now on, I'm here to support, not thwart.  Sick People, may you be well.  May you once again know vim and vigor before the day is through.  I'm here for you Sick People.


Indiana Rock on a California Roll said...

Thanks, Mom.

Anonymous said...

Stay well as you care for those ill ones!

KC said...

I feel really sorry for the people in your family. Sickness sucks.

mm said...

I hope wellness comes to all.

Anonymous said...

I hope everyone is feeling better by now!