Monday, February 09, 2015

The Cameron

I read Julia Cameron's Artist's Way books over and over again.  In Finding Water, she suggests that we stop worrying about our important work sometimes and just have some creative fun.

She suggests we write down 10 creative things we could do that would not move us forward with our work in any way.

Here are mine:
1.  Livetweet The Bachelor.
2.  Keep editing the newest Teach Times 2 Podcast
3. Read the new picture book about Josephine Baker and listen to one of her songs on YouTube.
4. Collect four attractive sticks at Lake Griffey.
5. Watch the BirdCam and take screen shots of my favorite birds.
6.  Read the books on the African American Read In cart all day long and do absolutely nothing else. Ask students to do the same and hope they will.
7.  Bake scones. Eat them with tea.
8.  Get a manicure, opting for an unusual color.
9.  Make a small, pocket sized picture book about why I don't like turnips.
10. See if the school has an old zither I can borrow for a few days.

In conclusion, our goal this week will be to do at least one thing that doesn't help us be efficient, organized or productive.  Of course I'm just stealing this idea from Julia Cameron, but she probably won't mind because I'm giving her due credit.


Anonymous said...

Wish I were there to bake scones with you.....cranberry perhaps? B&B

Anonymous said...

Gosh I love this blog.

mm said...

I had to look up zither. Did they have one?