Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Orphan Master's Son

I just finished The Orphan Master's Son.  Man alive.  I'm still reeling from the amazing ending.

Well done, Adam Johnson.  Your Pulitzer Prize was well deserved, imho.


Anonymous said...

I'm putting this on my spring break reading list. Have you read , Nothing to Envy? NF.

KC said...

I'll add it right to my goodreads. Thanks. Also probably Nothing to Envy.

LH said...

Now I've just spent considerable time reading Nothing To Envy. Looks so good.

I've also researched most efficient ways to shovel snow off driveway.

i think I have a plan now. I'm heading out.

nancy reynolds said...

Get a snow blower! You will not be disappointed.

LH said...

I need a snow blower desperately. Husbandman is away for a few days and it took me 2.5 hours to shovel the driveway. I may have gotten a bit of frostbite on one of my toes as well.

mm said...

It looks as though I have two books to add to my list.
I hope the snow is at least pretty.