Friday, August 30, 2013


Degerit Berest
Tr:  Trust

Syria's a bit on my mind. I look to the people around me for clues about how to act.  Everyone's going about normally---to work, swimming in the pool, getting lunch.  I'll continue to do the same.  We did get an email that we would be notified if an emergency were to occur, giving us directions.  But the chances of an emergency occurring are very low, this email said.  I'm trusting the email and the people I see around me.  Moving on.

Last night we finished the season of Orange Is the New Black.  Great show.  Disturbing show.  I spent some time on wiki-know-it-all-ia after watching to learn all I could OItNB.  The real life Piper who wrote the OItNB memoir is married to Larry Smith who created the six word memoir.  I love the six word memoir books.  What a power couple.

My six word memoir for today:  I keep looking for something different.

Degerit Berest
If you want, you can write one in the comments.  It could be epic.  But no pressure.   I fear I may be pressuring my friends and family a bit too much with too frequent emailing.  So that's why I'm playing around with trusting that I can send emails as often as I want with no negative repercussions. I also trust that my new writing goal of writing every single day this year will be a fun experiment.  So far, 2 days down. Writer James Todd Rubin inspired the streak.  Without knowing it he wrote his own 6 worder:  "The streak in itself is powerful."  Even though it's Friday, our day off, Husbandman and I are going to work a bit this morning.  He has a meeting with a MathMan and I have a streak to attend to.


Anonymous said...

Keep the emails frequent my friend!

cb said...

Trying to be present requires vigilance.

p.s. more emails, please.

Gina Marie said...

I am a crazy emailer, so I feel your pain. I think most people are operating under the assumption that you can just respond when you have time. At least, that's how I go with it.

This was a fun video that talked about what is real/not real in OITNB:

I've been following @Piper on twitter (she's so cool she doesn't even have a long handle. She's just @Piper, like a Twitter ninja). Every once in awhile she tosses out sarcastic asides on how there was pretty much zero lady sex happening in the jail... so I think there was a lot of editorializing by the producers. Interesting, no?

Anonymous said...

I miss, friend, Lee Heffernan like crazy.

mm said...

During news, I thought of you.

Meetings are done, time for gyros.

I still have two episodes left.

LH said...

GM, I will definitely be watching the vid. And now I too follow Piper. Thx, wmn.

Great job on the memoirs, dears.

Here's another.

Bombing isn't good. Don't ever bomb.

KC said...

I'm feeling pressure on the six-word memoir. My new meditation practice will assist me with this problem. Right now, I'm just not going to stress about it.

Email me, pls. I would love that so much.

Anonymous said...

"I want something else!" Ring any bells? Perhaps it's a genetic thing?

mem in ca

lee said...

MEM, Did one of my kids say that somewhere along the line???? It sounds right! This made me laugh.

Tell me the MEMory. Por favor.

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