Friday, August 09, 2013

Ha Shuk

Tr:  The Market  (I think)

Some Germans called Templers (not Knights of the Templar) moved here in 1868.  They believed that living here might bring about a Jesus Reunion Tour.  That didn't happen, but they did a lot of work constructing their German Colony which is still around today. We visited this area and read about the Templers.  We also walked in a small part of the Baha'i Gardens (shown above). We've got to go back there because most of the gardens weren't open today.  Then we took a hairy scary ride to an outdoor market which is called a Shuk.  We bought pumpkin seeds and pita and grapes. I was sweating driving through the narrow streets packed with cars, honking and taking our lives in their hands.

 We felt we had really been adventurous so then we came back to the guest house and read our books for awhile before heading out to see the indomitable Matt Damon perform his personal best in Elysium.

Movies here are pretty funny.  The gal at the counter said, "7:15 show is V.I.P."
"What's that?" we asked.
"V.I.P.? It's with a nice couches and champagne and cheese. You get some cheese and ice cream and there are only 4 lines."
I right away wanted to know how much V.I.P. cost and come to find out it's about 35$, so we passed and told her we'd see the regular Elysium at 7:40.
"There are 16 lines.  Which line do you want?"
We had no idea what she was saying, so she said, "High? Low?" We opted for middle.  You get a seat assignment.  We got Row 9, seats 12 and 13.  It was a huge theater and I wasn't too happy when 2 people sat right next to me when there were about 400 empty seats in the theater.  But I let that go and enjoyed Matt Damon doing his best, forgetting the rest.

Tomorrow will be our one week anniversary in Israel.  We're getting settled.


cb said...

What an adventurous day top to bottom!

I wonder who goes to the VIP showings?

LH said...

I wondered that too. I did some googling of v.i.p. movies. Some people love them as a fun time. One person said they got tired of them after awhile and went back to regular movies. I'm curious though.... Who knows?

Anonymous said...

That's Selena Gomez?! Wow!
I have nothing exciting to report. Just chugging along. My exercising fell off the steep ledge this week. But even though it was Friday I ran over to the YMCA to get on the eliptical machine.
Learning a new story to tell the kinders next week. They're gonna love it!
Miss you!!

mm said...

It's great to hear you're settling in.. happy anniversary.

KC said...

I probably need to see this film with Matty D.