Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Ken, Lo

Tr:  Yes, No.

So I did some whining today.  Spent most of last night wide awake, reading bachelorette tweets.  This jet lag makes me feel like I have Hansen's Disease.  It has to get better, and I have to be patient.  Was sluggacious all day today until around 6.  That's when I start to perk up every day. I get so mad when I start perking up.  This bewilders Husbandman, but it's so annoying that I'm coming around as the sun's going down.  Anyway, 6:00 is the time when Husbandman and I traveled by car through tunnels and windy roads not labeled in english to the beach.  We walked around and then sat down for some foods, (shown above) as we watched the surfers and swimmers frolicking in the sea.  That brought some happiness our way.

P.S.  Teacher Pals of the MCCSC:  Wishing you a marvelous first day tomorrow. And a good night's sleep tonight.


Erin said...

Wow!!! Looks amazing! I hate that you're not feeling like yourself with the jet-lag thing. I certainly can't imagine. I love that you're venturing out in the car... There is no way I'd be brave enough the drive where I can't read the signs!!! Way to Go!

When does Peter begin? Will you guys have time to do things together?

mm said...

"frolicking in the sea" wonderful!

cb said...

Those foods look delicious.

Wishing you more frolicking and less jetlag.


LH said...

Just got back from the beach. We swam. Water incredibly warm and surf very rough. You'll be glad to know....we got the job done.

bluebirdwoman said...

Love the food pics. Keep them coming.

Ms. W. said...

YUM. You manage to order great stuff! And, the sea sounds nice. Keep up the great work!

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