Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Toda Raba

Tr:  Many thanks.

The Technion campus smells like pine trees. It's up on Mt. Carmel so there are great views down onto the city and beyond to the Mediterranean.  I love living on a college campus.  It's summer session so it's not very crowded right now.  We live in the campus hotel for academic visitors, just for this month.  It's kind of nice living in a hotel, but it's a little cramped too.  Husbandman wanted to take a nap yesterday after lunch and I discouraged him kindly and subtly because I wanted to be alone for awhile.  I felt a little badly about that, but he was understanding.  Plus, a woman we call "the meany" comes in every day to clean the room in the morning, so I head out to a coffee shop, using this break in routine as an excuse to fool around longer on the internets and to read random articles.  We're not sure if she's a meany or not, but she doesn't seem super friendly.  She certainly wasn't happy about having to get our beach towel from the balcony on the floor below ours because the wind blew it down from our balcony.  Our bad okay?

We know our way from the hotel to the beach now so I can look out the window as Husbandman drives, and I don't have to stare at the gps on the phone yelling out stuff like, I'm not sure! and You missed the turn! Last night we made it to the beach, but there was a concert happening and we couldn't park in our normal spot.  We asked a guard where we can park and we told him we wanted to take a walk on the beach.  "Oh that will be very romantic for you," he said.  Buddy, we can dispense with the witty remarks, I wanted to say, but he gave us directions and we walked along admiring the sunset.  Feeling still a bit shell shocked to be here, honestly, but we know that our ups and downs will come and go. Mostly, we're going to have fun.


Anonymous said...

Love when random people make comments like that. It sounds as though you guys are finding your way around. But I do hope you move into a new place very soon.

Miss you!

mar said...

Hi Lee! I miss you! Sorry I haven't seen your posts until today. We just returned from our Rhode Island vacation on Sunday, and David's moving into the "new pad" with Quinn today! He's pretty psyched! I'm glad you're over the jet lag- I remember when our whole family went through that. I love these pictures of the beach at sunset. Good luck with your search for a new place to live.

mm said...

Beach towels, walks on the Mediterranean and coffee shops with internet... sounds like a good day!

LH said...

Hey all....feeling pretty relaxed. Which is a really new feeling for me as you know.

mar, so glad about D moving in. I love the idea of these 2 kinder pals being roomies again this year. D is fabulous.

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