Sunday, August 25, 2013


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Sunday's here, so it's back to work today.  Yesterday was our 3 week anniversary in Israel.  So far, we love it here.

Quick weekend wrap up:

On Friday we went grocery shopping in a larger, better shop.  The cashier was very nice to us and kept telling me how to bag our stuff, "More one!  More one!" I figured out this meant to add one more plastic bag.  Loved that gal.

Then off to see Wolverine.  Good, but sometimes the characters spoke in Japanese, and there were no subtitles for those parts, so we had to use our inferential reasoning skills.  Not too tough. We were planning to see Two Guns, which was advertised on their web page, but when we got there, the cashier said it wasn't playing because there was an event.  What?

Ended the day with a beach trip.  I wore my glasses into the sea, thinking I could keep my head above water, but an insidious massive killer wave knocked me over and snatched them right off my face.  Luckily I have a back up pair.  But I'm still pretty angry at the Mediterranean Sea.  Damn you, M.S. I loved those glasses a lot.

Yesterday we drove south.  Stopped at the Aqueduct Beach to take some pix.  Herod built the aqueduct and the romans added to it back in the 200's.  Still standing.  So neat to see the beachers using the aqueduct arches as shelters to set up shop for their beaching.  Then we drove to the ultra hip city of Tel Aviv. The art museum is phenomenal.  Great Warhol exhibit right now.

Walked along the beach next.  Everyone plays matcot here on the beach.  It's paddle ball.  When 10,000 people are playing it, there's quite a funny racket. Saw a hoopoe hopping around in the grass.  Next time we go, we'll rent bikes on the beach and zip around.

Ended the day in Jaffa, just south of Tel Aviv.  The town's been inhabited since 7,500 BCE.  It was used as a port during the bronze age.  C'mon.  That's wild.
 I love all these ancient antiquities of yore.  Sadly, my camera ran out of batteries and I could only take bad pictures on the iPhone.  Not diss'ing the iphone though.  It gets us places and then it gets us home from places.  Toda Raba iPhone!

Back to work, mateys. For now, the fun is done.


Anonymous said...

That bird is great! The sea is great! Your photos, my friend, makes me want to go there right now and have you show me around!

LH said...

Thx, Nance!!! We're seeing so many cool things.
We loved the HOOPOE!

KC said...

This is amazing!! You're doing a great job of being an explorer

Anonymous said...

The ancient agedness of all these places blows me away.

Bill said...

I lost a pair of glasses in the ocean one time. Maddening. Those are some gr8 photos.

LH said...

Thanks dears. So great to see you here. I want to go back to Jaffa and take more pix.

Bill, several people have told me they too have had this experience, and it's making me feel a little less like a dork. So, I thank you heartily.

mar said...

It sounds like you're having some fantastic adventures! I love reading about it all and experiencing it vicariously. So sorry to hear about your glasses. You should get yourself some disposable contacts for frolicking in the sea! I stopped by D. and Q.'s place and they seem to be doing fine!

LH said...

Mar, thanks so much for the update on our boys. I'm glad they're doing well. They're such great kids, if I do say so myself.

Sarah G said...

Lee! I love reading about your adventures in Israel, even thugh I haven't been very bloggy as I've been wrapped up in the new school year. Sorry you lost your glasses! When I was a kid my mom flipped my beach towel not realizing my glasses were there, and we never found them. I was without glasses for the next couple days of our vacation until my dad mailed my back up pair to us!

LH said...

Sarah! So good to hear from you! The # of people who have told me they've lost their glasses near or in the beach make me think some savvy entrepreneur needs to figure this thing out. There's a market here, if someone will only crack it.

Being without glasses is hideous.

Having fun here. Every day brings new things to see and think about.

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