Sunday, August 18, 2013

Boker Tov

Tr:  Good morning

Sunday morning here. Will recount the wonders of the weekend thusly.

Drove to Ein Hod on Saturday.  Ein Hod is an artist's colony begun in the 1950's by Marcel Janco, a dadaist.  The town is small and very beautiful, sculptures everywhere.  We toured the Janco museum.  I love Dada.  The museum filled me with pleasure.  Art made of funny, provocative combinations.  Shoes and cigarettes.  Bikes and books.

 Next we drove through Mt. Carmel National Park.  There was a fire here some years ago, and you can see the greenery trying to make a comeback.  Took some pictures of this striking memorial which helps us remember those who died in the fires.  Husbandman and I need to research the hiking trails for next time we visit.
 After some driving around and checking out the park, we returned home for a swim in the pool, then we saw the movie you all have read about in our earlier blog post.

Yesterday we celebrated our 2 week anniversary here.  We started our morning with a walk on the Louis Promenade, checked out the scenery. The promenade is a beautiful shaded walkway.  #1 Son should do some busking here.  The buskers were not the best.  Visited in the Bahai Gardens a bit, but we were too late to go in to the main gardens.
 Then we drove to Caesarea National Park.  Caesarea was built around 20 BCE by King Herod.  WILD.  There have been people who have taken over Caesarea from time to time:  Romans, Muslims, Crusaders.  They just kept coming and going over the centuries. It's an archaeological wonder.  Great site.  We walked all over, despite the grueling heat.  There were times we thought we were so hot that we'd just fall onto the ground and let the heat burn off all our skin and soft tissue.
 Basically put an end to the whole thing, so to speak.  But we soldiered on, as good tourists must, and drove back to the Technion for a swim in the pool.

A beautiful weekend here.  Now it's time to get back to work. But first, some cornflakes. Another cup of tea as well.


KC said...

What an awesome adventure. I am super proud of you for soldiering on. Please don't ever give up and allow the sun to destroy you.

mm said...

Incredible pictures! Yay for new places and adventures!!

jdoc said...

What a fantastic place you are living in this year! I am learning many things I did not now about Israel. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Look forward to reading about your adventures each day! Sounds like you are having a great time!

Sarah M.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I can't top any of that stuff.

Gina Marie said...

Again, full agreement with all the comments above. Glad to hear you're centering with some cornflakes.

LH said...

thx dolls.

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