Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Tr:  Falafel

I actually read the word falafel last night on a store front.  It was an experience kind of like Helen Keller had, when she finally figured out sign language at the water pump with Annie Sullivan.  I was ecstatic and impressed with myself like there's no tomorrow.  Husbandman's behind me on the letter learning so he didn't share my glee. Too bad so sad Husbandman. You've got to do the time to be sublime. (I just made up this new phenomenal expression).   I'm now determined to learn to read more words.  No one can stop me.

I've been reading advice on how to get some writing done on various tumblrs.  Tears in the Typing Pool tumblr posted a letter from artist Sol Lewitt to artist Eva Hesse.  He basically told her to do "some bad work, the worst you can think of."  Another tumblr suggested that writers relax and "let everything go to hell."  Adopting this laissez faire attitude helped me out yesterday as I scribbled out a few bad pages for the revised outline.  I'm thinking these tips could be helpful in life generally.  Just let it all go to hell, do as poorly as I possibly can.  It's a mindshift that could lead somewhere.  I hope to somewhere good.


mm said...

I think letting everything else go is great advice!

Why's Mickey in a cage?

Anonymous said...

Good plan because that's what's going to happen today.

KC said...

I consistently advise my middle schoolers to write some really bad stuff. It's freeing, I think! Go for it!

And congratulations on learning to read!!

Gina Marie said...

I've found that when I write w/o thinking, when I go back there is usually something salvageable. SO, I agree with just going for it.

Way to go on falafel! Husbandman must be so jealous.

LH said...

Bad work is the way to go I guess.
I also read about a writer who worked on a writing streak, producing X # of words every day for a year.
I wonder if I can do that?

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