Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Dogs

I'll tell you something.  I'm missing Husbandman big time.  Tonight I actually had to go to the grocery store.  I left work at 8:30, then drove over to the grocery store.  The lights were dim in the store and there was this man (I assume he was an employee) walking around with this huge floor washer machine that was so noisy it made my brain rattle.  Wherever I went, that guy went.  I tried to stay calm, but I kept muttering aloud things like, "I wish I could poke my eyes out right now," and "This can't be happening, This can't be happening."  But it was.  That machine followed me around for about 30 minutes as I purchased food items.  It was a nightmare.  I decided to try a new brand of veggie dogs and come to find out, they aren't very good.  I still have a kind of gross feeling in my digestive tract because of the new hot dog product.  I'm trying to wash it away with wine.  


Officemate said...

We've got to never let that husbandman leave again! Veggie dogs + wine???? I'm amazed you're still alive!

LH said...

Veggie dogs and wine were not the best combo.
Even I have to admit this.

Are you bringing your #1 son to see the avengers? I am wondering about that.

officemate said...

So my #1 just came into the room (half naked) and I said "Dr H wants to know if you're going to see the Avengers movie" His response was a very irritated "No I don't want to!!"

I can tell my weekend is going to be pleasant :)

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