Tuesday, May 01, 2012

The Work

Husbandman and I spent hours trying to book some hotels in Nova Scotia.  It wasn't easy because we had to look at the guide book and then look at the web and then send emails.  But we're getting closer to getting our lodgings nailed down.  I fear we'll get to Nova Scotia and wonder why we wanted to go there.  Oh, please, Nova Scotia, be pleasant.

Today I had a difficult time in the cafeteria with a kiddo.  She's a sixer with only 18 days left of elementary school, so she's feeling pretty sassy. The kid was so obnoxiously defiant that her teacher is sending her to recess detention tomorrow where she has to write me a letter of apology.  The whole event  depressed me a little bit because for 4 years I've had fairly negative encounters with this child on a fairly regular basis.  It kills me that this kid really has never joined the leeway fan base.  I have 18 days to get on her good side.  Can it be done?  Or can I let this one just slip on by, with the knowledge that deep inside somewhere, we both know that neither one of us is perfect, but we're both pretty good?  I think the latter choice makes most sense.  But maybe I'll give her a heartfelt chat when she delivers her letter of apology and she'll like me once and for all. It's bugging the holy heck out of me that this kid likes others, but not me.  I know. Real mature.


KC said...

I actually do hate it when this happens. I try so freaking hard to make everyone like me. Sometimes people just don't.

Anonymous said...

I think it's difficult when I have a bad experience with a child because I'm not a classroom teacher anymore. I'm just left with that bad experience. I don't get to give him kudos throughout the day while he is working away in my classroom. It doesn't feel good.

LH said...

I didn't get the letter yet. But I was testing kids all day, so there was no way that kid could have found me.

I'm glad you wrote what you did Judith, because that's kind of hitting the nail on the head.

Anonymous said...

I DO hope y'all love Nova Scotia as much as Barry and I did.....when do you leave? B&B

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