Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Dad


Yesterday my dad turned 83 years old.  My dad is an all round great guy, funny, smart, caring.  He works several days each week and has a reputation at his worksite for speaking truth to power.  Last week some mucketymucks came in to chastise the workers, as mucketymucks will do.  My dad stood up and delivered a pointed argument in defense of his coworkers. And in response, the 150 coworkers present broke out into spontaneous response.  They call him Mr. Dan there.  I'm delighted to call him dad.  And I wish him the happiest birthday ever.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Dan! Hope to see you soon and hear some stories.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. Dan. My mom turned 80 yrs old this past week. The 80's seem to be a good decade.


KC said...

Cool story. Cool dad.

Anonymous said...

Nice work, Mr. H.

While I find the concept of Mr. D amusing, it's just not for me.

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