Friday, May 18, 2012

The Popcorn

If you popped popcorn for 4 hours, and then you went home and felt like blogging, what do you think your blog topic would be?  Obviously you would blog about the popcorn popping.  When I was a kid I was fascinated by assembly lines and efficiency.  I watched the movie Cheaper by the Dozen and then read the book several times.  I'm often thinking about how things could go faster.  I think that's why I love cafeteria duty.  I'm obsessed with figuring out how to get the peeps through the lunch line the fastest way possible.  Anyway, back to the popcorn.  I've never popped corn before in a carnival popper.  I had no idea what to do.  My friends MC and Goodwoman taught me.  Once I felt confident in the learning, I went into HIGH GEAR people.  2 scoops into the bag, pass to Goodwoman, new bag, new scooping, fill up the kettle with oil, popcorn and salt, more scooping, dumping the kettle, more scooping, more filling up the kettle with oil, corn, salt.  It was like being in a dream like machine world, which I kind of liked.  But the problem was this. We ran out of time and 5 classrooms didn't get popcorn.  There was a lot of sadness about this, because even though I promised to get those kids popcorn on Monday, who the heck tells kids they're going to have popcorn and then doesn't bring them popcorn?  I mean really, who does that?  Well, come to find out, I do.  Me.  I do that. Gosh darn it.  I'm still ticked at myself.


Anonymous said...

Children understand that you can run out of things. It just needs to be explained to them. The kiddos know you would do everything to get it to them and they will trust that it's coming their way on Monday. Don't make me come over there and explain it again.

LH said...

You're right. I'm now going to put the Pesky Popcorn incident in my past. That is, until Monday, when I heat up ye olde kernel kettle contraption

KC said...

I agree with jw. Disappointment is a part of life, and in the scheme of things, this is a pretty small one.

Miss u, tho. Miss u a super lot!

LH said...

I miss you too. I wish we could take Pronto the dog, around some lake.