Saturday, May 05, 2012

The Poems

We held a belated Poem In Your Pocket Day yesterday.  Good fun.  Everyone excited.  I asked a sixer if he had a poem and he pulled it out of his pocket and read it with pride.  I was told later that this same
kid was insistent that all others he met have a poem in their pockets and he photocopied poems for several kids and teachers.  This kiddo could barely read 2 years ago.  He was also very grouchy about reading.  And now he's our biggest piyp advocate.  Happiness.  The singing and poeming in the gym was fun, but when the kids got to read to each other, they got extremely loud.  Most were reading, but others were running and acting nutty.  Annoying, but I just kept an upbeat attitude, thinking Friday afternoon with 3 weeks left of school, after a week of horrid standardized testing.  Of course they're blowing off steam and having some fun.  Everyone got back to class in one piece.  And I'm already thinking of ways to modify PiYP day next year.  It will be awesome, may fronds.  Tres awesome.

My poem was by Basho.  A haiku about a pink crab and the glistening sea.  Pleasant, Amusing.


Anonymous said...

Love it.

mm said...

We organized our 3rd PIYP day because of your inspiration.

I love the kid photocopying poems. Even with the chaos, that makes the day an event.

Anonymous said...

I messed up this year and didn't organize a poem in your pocket day. I'm failing at my job.

LH said...

I'm not sure the term organizing really describes what I did. But next year I'll make it better.

And btw, you are epic.

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