Monday, January 09, 2012

The Working

I have gotten to work with grade level teams on a bunch of different tasks for the past two days.  V. fun stuff. But sometimes we have to talk about sad stuff like low test scores.  We all get through it, but it can be tense.  And I hate adding to teacher tension.  I want to be supportive, 100%, but I did have a cold today and had to blow my nose a lot, so I was probably blunter than I could have been.  Sorry teachers, You know I love you all dearly and respect the hard work you do.

  But here's the really big news.  I've had 5 pairs of pants in my closet for months (one has been in there for over a year) because I never like to take things to be hemmed and I have short legs.  But good news!!!  I got them hemmed at a great shop and now I have 5 new pairs of pants. WAY to get the job done!


Anonymous said...

V, proud of you.

jdoc said...

Oh, the hemming! Why can't we be taller?

LH said...

The hemming really makes pant purchasing & wearing into a 2 to 3 month process. Which gets on my nerves.
BTW, jdoc. Can not thank you enough for all the course materials you sent my way!!! THANKS SO MUCH!

jdoc said...

You are welcome! Anytime. Glad the materials are useful.

Julie said...

I do the same thing--buy some fab pants and then drag my feet on getting them hemmed. I recently had a couple of pairs hemmed, one pair I'd had in my closet for a year. No kidding. Apparently I did not really *need* those pants. Did you see the large and fabulous picture of our friend N in the paper with her writing students?