Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Pin

I taught at Saint Angela Hall Academy in Brooklyn New York in 1984 and 1985. While I was teaching in that beautiful little school, I asked my mom to get some materials for me from the MLKJr Center in Atlanta and she sent me a film strip that I showed for about 20 years until film strip projectors didn't exist anymore, a set of post cards and posters that have been on bulletin boards in 3 different states and a small pin with Dr. King's image on it.  I love this pin and wear it every year for much of January.  On Friday we had our Dr. King convocation at school, which was v. excellent.  After, I was helping corral kids to their lines.  A little firstie came over and gave me a huge hug.  Then she looked up at my pin and said, "Now who is that?"
"It's Dr. Martin Luther King, the man we've just been talking about!" I replied.
"Hmmm.  We used to call him Junior," she told me back.

I explained that I had just left off the Junior part and that his name hadn't changed.  What a sweet kid.  My new book for the whole school is Martin's Big Words.  I've read it now to 2 first grade classes, a 2nd grade class and a 5/6 combo class.  They've all responded positively and I'm loving this project.  So, thanks MOM for helping me share Dr. King's legacy with so many kids over the years!  And Thanks, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. for reminding me to choose the path of love and non violence.  Happy King Holiday, Everyone!


Anonymous said...

Don't forget the jaunty lil song that goes, ohhh Martin Luther king. Ohhhhh Martin Luther king. I just wanna sing your name.
Catchy little song.
Happy mlk, jr. Day!

Anonymous said...

Jw or Lh you will need to sing me this song so I can get the melody down and pass it on.
I have taught my class Indiana, our Indiana song, and they love it! When "teaching to the test" starts getting on my nerves, I like to whip out a new song or poem and that always helps.

KC said...

I like the song that goes, "Dr. King, Dr. King, Dr. King was a civil rights leader."

Great post. Thx!!

jdoc said...

I had an MLK t-shirt that I used to wear in high school. I really wish I still had that shirt. It's was a good reminder to practice love.

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