Saturday, January 07, 2012

The Firsties

I read this beautiful book to some firsties and some seconders yesterday.  It's about a boy and his grandfather.  The grandfather has a stroke, and slowly recovers with little grandson's help.  The firsties were a little freaked about strokes as I read.  They kept saying stuff like, "This is really sad."  and "I'm scared to get old."
I intervened when I heard that last ageist remark, saying, "Getting old isn't scary.  It's fun.  Look at all my grey hairs.  I'm getting pretty old and I'm having a great time!"
The kids eyed me suspiciously and then Little Cutie asked, "Have you had your stroke yet?"

I explained that not everyone gets a stroke and the kids calmed down a bit.  We finished the story and they all cheered at the end.  So I'm pretty sure they liked it.  Kudos once again to you, Tomie dePaola.  If you're reading this, let me tell you first hand that I love your books.


Anonymous said...

I still giggle every time I think of this...:)

KC said...

I'm really sorry about the cold. I've had one now for quite some time, and it's very disheartening. Are you using the saline nose spray? The sudafed? The mucinex? The robitusson?

Feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Yes, getting old is quite fun. Please tell them for me.

Anonymous said...

That guy is awesome. He's been sick himself lately.

Anonymous said...

Hi friend! I can't believe we haven't talked in forever! Sounds like you have a yucky cold. Bleh. It's been good to see Q and hear the music these boys are making. How are you and how is it getting back? I will be watching for your Bachelor tweets! Gotta love the drama (and hate it too!)
Miss you.

StreibProjects said...

That is hilarious! When are you coming to read to my crazy class?

Julie said...

I have not had my stroke yet either. Just biding my time, girlfriend. ha!

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