Sunday, August 07, 2005

The Trip

Tomorrow we leave for the Gulf Islands, off the coast of Canada. We will head to Seattle, join our kinfolk, and then ferry to Galliano Island. Packing's taking forever, but I'm ahead of schedule, as it is still daylight. Bought some fine crafts for afternoon fun on the island---sunlight print paper, wickistix wax for molding and lanyard keychain kits. Sadly, we just discovered that #1 son and Teen Daughter have expired passports. That's a concern, but what can we do at this point? We'll cross that country when we get to it. If we see orcas, my life will be complete.


Anonymous said...

5 lives in completion via Orcas is MORE than accomodating (i.e, Pete, Lee-Lee-, Roz, Quinn Meister, & B).... I can't WAIT to hear and see about it ........ if it's TOO outrageous, call me and I'll get a flight .. MUST SEE ............... xxxxxoooooo----B&B

Anonymous said...

Mah frand-
Sounds like a fantastic trip! Bring kids birth certs if you have them handy... have a great time!

LH said...

bon jour mah frand, et, mah soeur,
we are singing Oh Canada, quite happily around here. Packing is basically done. Stick a fork in it. Birth certificates have been located and safely packed with the expired passports. I love Canada, but they can not have the children.

Anonymous said...

If you see an orca my life will be complete. Happy travels.

kc said...

If you see an orca, I will hit your blog 1,000 times and totally pad your stats.

Good Luck!!

LH said...

Thanks, jw. There are supposed to be orcas up there. Hope they're not as elusive as the local foxes. KC, you are really putting on the pressure. 1000 hits. Okay, I'm totally committed to seeing an orca. In the wild.

Julie said...

have fun and we will see you when we all return from our travels. the boy and i are off to the wilds of colorado. It's not likely we will see an orca, so we are counting on you.