Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Tics

Last week I cried a couple of times about my dissertation and my job and my tiredness and the whole overwhelming all of it. But this week I don't feel like I'm one breath away from a coma after a morning of working. Maybe it helps that I finally broke it down for the students today and explained to them that when they slam books down on their desks or tap their pencils incessantly or make distracting noises with their tongues or use their scissors to break down their erasers to a near molecular level, I get distracted. And I develop nervous tics and twitches in my eye lids and my neck. Plus all thought flies out of my head and I lose my place and need to be redirected. After I explained, a few kids still did the tapping thing, but when my face started twitching, they apologized and stopped. Then someone else reminded me of my last sentence and the lesson went on. I think we're getting a system going that might work for all of us. Posted by Picasa


marion said...

It sounds like it's time for you to have a massage or manicure or something! It's good to know the 6th graders are trainable.

Cari said...

That's what's great about 6th graders, they FEEL BAD. 7th graders....they see the opportunity in your weakness. I remember pleading with a class one time to work with me because I was feeling REALLY sick. For them, it was a chance to get away with whatever they wanted because they knew I was too weak to yell at them!!

Julie said...

Is your dissertation in this box? Maybe you should put a copy of it in a box like this, and line the box with lush purple velvet, and then think to yourself, when you open the box, that you are opening a MAGIC box. That your dissertation is living in a special magic box! When you work on it, you are producing magic! Just a thought. I have to really psych myself out sometimes to get through certain tasks. I need a special magical box for financial paperwork ;)

LH said...

Hi m, I do need a massage, but i think they need to stop banging the books on the desks too. today was better.
c, they are nice. i subbed once 2 times in 7th. that seemed enough. i'm glad you're working on getting some nanny help. i support that decision wholeheartedly.
hi ms, j. a box might be good. you should make me one. this is r's lunchbox and she's attached.
or i could wear a special hat or scarf. i'll keep thinking.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know what happened to that lunch box I bought R when she was.... 5, 6? Obviously my efforts to influence her taste in lunch boxes was... well, a triumph perhaps given how distinctive her LB is. I am very happy to see this-
Auntie Jx

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