Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Jeopardy

KC told me that she played "rule" Jeopardy with her middle school classes so I decided to give it a try. I handed out sheets of rules for dress code, playground behavior, lifeskills, and bullying and relational aggression. The kids looked over the sheets and wrote the questions on Thursday. Friday we played the game. It went like this. Kids would call out, "Dress code." I read a card that said, "These straps are strictly forbidden at our school." After consulting with their team, a kid would answer, "What are spaghetti straps?" YES! Then someone picked Aggression. I read the answer, "A comment that could result in immediate expulsion." After the required consult, a kid would answer, "What is 'I'm going to kill you?'" YES! We really covered quite a few rules and I was amused by the whole event, which is important. I'm sure they'll never forget these rules and will strive to achieve their personal best behavior for the next 177 school days. Thanks, Savvy Mom. Posted by Picasa


kc said...

hmmm... will you hold me responsible if they DON't stive for their personal best behavior??

hahaHA on "What is 'I'm going to kill you?'"

jdoc said...

Anyone mind if I steal this activity?

Anonymous said...

I was there to watch the game in action and it was great. I kept laughing hysterically and kids would just look at me. Great fun!!

Julie said...

Was this one of those moments that, just perhaps, outshined the relatively empty and meaningless day of a pharmacuetical salesperson? :)

LH said...

yes, julie, it was. I don't want to be a pharmaceutical rep, i just want to get paid like one.
one thing I loved about this activity was I told them they could only answer once for their team, so the kids actually started looking at and talking to the shyer guys, encouraging them to join in. happiness for me. i think for them too.