Friday, August 05, 2005

The Silence

A new state law requires that every student be given the chance to say the pledge of allegiance AND take a moment of silence each day. I have no idea why this law was passed and every school system will now have to spend time working out policies for its implementation.
Participation in the pledge and the silence is voluntary, but if you don't choose to participate you can't distract others. If I decide not to be silent, wouldn't that be distracting?
I'm lazy about sitting regularly on my zafu, but if I bring it into school and meditate during moment of silence, I could save time in the evenings. Multi-tasking during the moment of silence. This could work. Posted by Picasa


Julie said...

Knowing the government, I'm surprised there is not a required body position during the moment of silence. "Sitting in a chair or kneeling. No Lotus position, as this might lead to questions from the children." I could see it being a very cool moment of silence if you could have 20 kids all on their little zafus, their little hands forming the mudra of knowledge. But somehow I don't think this idea is going to fly.

jdoc said...

Wow. Interesting law. Good luck getting my 7th graders to be silent for even a moment, even by choice. Let us know how that goes down.

Anonymous said...

When our 400 kindergarteners say the "pledge", that IS the QUIETEST they are ALL DAY LONG!*!*! (probably because they're still half asleep)-- Happy weekend everybody!! B&B

Anonymous said...

I remember during the days leading up to and following the initial bombing of Baghdad the kids would "Pass it on to a moment of silence" to reflect on or think about peace. I've been hoping that something similar will fit the bill. However, not knowing much about new admin. at my school makes me nervous... HR

kc said...


We have mandatory weekly pledge. They put a flag on our tv screens. I hate it, but I cooperate. Lots of my kids choose not to stand and pledge and I think that's okay; although most of them choose not to because they're "tired," and not because they're making a political statement.

kc said...

p.s. why can't they pledge and take their moments of silence AT HOME?

LH said...

i don't get why this law doesn't apply to adults too? everyone should have to pledge and pray at their jobs each day. of course i know why it isn't.
The law assumes that adults are already sufficiently indoctrinated, and we have to get the kids praying and pledging early and often.
interesting fact: The original pledge said, "i pledge allegiance to my flag," but it was changed because there were fears that immigrant kids were pledging to the flags of their countries of origin.