Monday, August 29, 2005

The Sittings

I actually sat with my dissertation for awhile tonight, a little visit to get reacquainted. It seemed ready to move forward, but was waiting patiently for me to take the lead.
I sat down during the pledge this morning, in solidarity with two girls who sat when the pledge was read over the intercom. Legal mandates that are all about indoctrination get on my last nerve.
I sat again after reading about cool loneliness in Pema Chodron's book. She suggests treating alienation and heartbreak as opportunities. I wonder if I would ever be able to do that?

p.s. I have extras of these bumper stickers, if you want one. They make great gifts. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Day One of Kindergarten is now behind us. What an exciting day! I was given the "Guide to Standards - Kindergarten" and am about to read through it. Would love one of the bumper stickers....

hr said...

Hey, I don't have one of those bumper stickers. Don't know how that happened. Do you have last year's? Hope to see you at TAWL this year. I missed you!

Cari said...

I hate all these tests and the emphasis put on them. AND YET, the Pioneer Press listed all the test scores from all the schools in the Metro area, and the first thing I do is turn to my child's possible elementary school and start comparing. I find myself stressing because the school closer to me (but we're not zoned to attend) has higher scores. I want to shoot myself for behaving like this!

KateG said...

I am dearly fond of Pema Chodron. I read "When Things Fall Apart" at a time I was feeling particularly bad about some things in my life. I had had worse things happen to me but it was just one of those life moments where it felt worse. I love the story she tells of throwing a rock at her husband when he left her. It was such a completely honest place for some talking about spirituality to start.

jdoc said...

Sitting with the diss. Nice work.

LH said...

Hey J, I'll send you one. I'll try to call soon, I want to hear her accounts of her day! Get on that parenting blog, I beg of you.
HR, I'll send you one. I'm going to TAWL, once I get organized. How was WLU? Did you go?
Hey C, It's hard not to do. lots of test scores being reported right now. ugh.
Kate, thanks for coming by, haven't read that one of Pema's. I'll have to get it. I'm reading Comfortable with Uncertainty right now.
J, can't wait to hear about your first days. I actually did some work last night. miracle of miracles.