Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Insomnia

Why am I not sleeping? Could it be that I'm charged up after watching John Stewart tear into hateful Christopher Hitchens? Or could it be the latte I drank at 6 thinking it was finally time to get back to my dissertation work? Or could it be a lingering clinging to summer time, when staying up late had no consequences, and nothing absolutely had to be done during the day time?


Julie said...

Those all sound like legit reasons to not sleep well. Insomnia is a way of life with me. I've just never ever been a good sleeper. Had fun at lunch, dearheart!

B said...

As far as I'm concerned, insomnia is a Higher Power's excuse for us to take a nap!......... I DO love life (and naps)!

KateG said...

Joy gave me this link so I'm leaping in to say hello: After reading your comment, I went back to my Tivo and watched the Hitchens Daily Show episode. Sometimes Stewart is easy on his guests so I was putting it off. Now that was a a satisfying interview, especially after Hitchens latest attacks on Sheehan.

LH said...

Hi J, I've always been a maniac sleeper, so I don't like not sleeping. It irks me.
and Hi b, when i take naps, I tend to be mean when I wake up.
Hi Kate, Nice to meet you. John was nailing him. We thought it was the best daily show we'd ever seen. the dance video of bush sputtering out his talking points is also q. good. Welcome, please visit again.

Julie said...

Yes, the bush dancing video and the clips of him endlessly repeating utter meaningless b.s. was just great. It made me happy. But what would make me even happier is if stewart were preaching to someone other than the choir.