Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Veeps

I wonder who the veeps are going to be?

I keep wondering about this.  I wish one of the veeps could be Elizabeth Warren, but I doubt it will happen.

Here's a story my mom told me recently.  I'll share this story and then I'll get to work.  I'm here in Husbandman's office and there's nothing to stop me except for the everyday anxieties and concerns that we're all having these days.

I asked my mom via email if she had been on any vacations.  Come to find out, her family went to Maine once to visit her aunt.  Her aunt was pregnant and was upset that there weren't doctors in her small town.  My grandmother said, "I saw a sign for a doctor when we were driving in."
   "That doctor is a veterinarian, Marion," said my great aunt.
    "What do you care what his nationality is?" replied my Nana.

I think this story is quite comical and I hope you do too. But if you don't, no worries.  Just move along with your day and don't think about it any more.  Here's something else.  We talked with #1 Son yesterday.  He's heading from Zurich to Vienna today.  We also texted with 20 Something.  She's picking blueberries in Pennsylvania.  Everyone's moving around except me.  I'm in the chair.  Not the electric chair.  A comfy office chair.  Here I go. Opening the door on Chapter 4.


mm said...

I'm confused... Pennsylvania? I thought she lived in California. Is she, too, on vacation?

KC said...

Sit in the chair and do the work! I'm #soproud!!

Judy Williams said...

Now that's funny.