Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Advice Column

Some stuff has been on my nerves lately, but I'm just moving into gear a little more quickly, focusing on the next right action. I suggest you do the same. Here's a bulleted list of probably proven ways to keep an upbeat attitude.

  •  This morning, a nurse called me to tell me that I have high cholesterol.  So I'm not freaking out about that, I'm just having some oatmeal for breakfast. Whole grains, People. 
  • Tomorrow I have a phone conference with my editor.  I'm not freaking out about that, I'm just writing a list of stuff to talk about. Embrace the symbiotic relationship of the writer and the editor, People.  
  • Our district has a new math program and everyone except me went to the workshops explaining it, but I'm not freaking out about that.  I'm remembering that I know how to read a teacher's manual and I can figure it out later.  It's summer right now, People.  Do summer and don't freak. 

To recap:  Whole grains.  Embrace symbiosis.  Do summer.  Keep these 3 probably proven tips in mind as you go through your day today and all will be swell most likely.  Unless it's not. And that might be okay too.


nancy reynolds said...

Do summer. Yes!

Anonymous said...

Let the Rumpus begin!

mm said...

Embrace summer and all it has to offer.

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