Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Dome

People, we're under a heat dome right now. Heat is super hard on your heart, so just stay inside and keep hydrated. No heart attacks on my watch, my friends.  Avoid the heat dome and watch some movies.  We are glued to BloodLine on Netflix right now. If you want to feel great about the dynamics in your family, check out BloodLine. These people are just a hot mess.  But it's a good show, so see it if you want to.

On a good note, #1 Son returns this very evening.  He told me he really liked Prague.  I need to get there one of these days. He also liked Barcelona, another place I'd like to check out.  I'm going to keep #1 Son in plain sight, well within my line of vision, for at least a few weeks because this past month has been tough on everyone.  Welcome home, #1!

Right now I'm in Husbandman's office.  This is a place I love to work.  I wish I were a college professor with a cool office with a window that looks out onto a gorgeous college campus.  I could teach my special brand of mathematics to the people here. Let's explore the geoboards people. We can make a store or a pretend pizza shop.  Also, let's go out and measure some leaves.  Sorry, Husbandman, but your office is now mine.  Squatter's Rights.


Judy Williams said...

I'll take a shift watching the kid. For sure.

KC said...

I too want to visit Prague and Barcelona. We're staying in the AC today. We're seeing Ghostbusters. Finally, I was flat-out addicted to BloodLine last summer. I still need to binge season 2.

mm said...

I'm glad you're not a college professor. I'm glad your working with the kiddos!!

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