Monday, July 04, 2016

The Chapter

The deadline for chapter 3 was missed by 4 days, but today I did finish the chapter at last.  Woo Hoo. Walking through the parking lot of the coffee shop at the end of the day, I pumped my fists repeatedly, as if I were a Golden State Warrior.  Now I'm calming down and worrying a bit about chapter 4.  Let's think about that tomorrow.

On a very sad note, we watched the very sad documentary Project Nim last night.  Go ahead and see it if you want, but poor Nim had such a tough time. His story will be with me for awhile. I thought about Nim a lot today.  Husbandman added to my sadness considerably when he suggested that perhaps Hairy, our tarantula, feels as Nim did---lonely and abandoned.  I actually think Hairy's quite content and I challenge anyone to prove me otherwise.  A chimpanzee is not at all like a tarantula and the documentary we watched last night should have made that clear to all viewers.  Let me tell you something my friends.  If you ever feel like doing research on chimpanzees, just don't do it.  Just leave the chimpanzees to their own devices.    They're not bothering you, so please don't bother them.  Project Nim is on HBO. It's a startling documentary that you should probably go ahead and see if you feel like it and if you care about other species on our planet. Which I do, as you all know.


Anonymous said...

Hoorah for ch 3!! If I had some fireworks I would set them off for you and this goal you met! Relish this moment!!!

mm said...

Congrats! Don't worry about 4 today. One at a time!

mm said...

Oh, wait, do you go to the same coffee shop with the cakes each time? Maybe you should buy one to celebrate.

Anonymous said...

Three cheers for chapter 3 and Lee! That's my current motto. I love the pic of you riding in the Tour. Perfect.

KC said...

Chapter three is fucking amazing. That's a goddamn fact.

LH said...

Fist pumping!!!! Thx Loves!