Sunday, July 03, 2016

The Syllabus

As you can see I'm being creative this summer.  Along with writing every day, I'm creating and coloring some pleasant little drawings. I'm inspired by Lynda Barry's book, Syllabus. Lynda suggests I think of my writer's notebook as a place, not as a thing.  I love Lynda Barry very much.

You might want to go see Genius with Colin Firth.  It's about Max Perkins, the most famous editor in the land.  He edited Hemingway, Fitzgerald and Wolfe.  Wolfe is the center of the film and I'm embarrassed to tell you that this English major has never read the books of Thomas Wolfe.  Let's right that wrong one of these days, shall we?  Maybe Look Homeward Angel will be my next book club choice.  My book club peeps always pick the longest books that I can never finish.  This will be my chance to turn the tables on them.  Tit for Tat so to speak. At any rate, the movie is a good one and supports the writing I'm doing about Teacher As Editor. I'm hoping Colin Firth can do the back cover blurb for my book when it comes out in late 2017.   If you have some extra time, you should see GENIUS if you feel like it.

ps  #1 Son has instagrammed some fine pictures from Cologne, Berlin and Paris.  We even face timed once. All is swell.  Everyone please calm down.


mm said...

"Tit for Tat" I hope this picture of the cakes does not mean you're lamenting not buying that cake awhile ago.

I love, love the colored drawing.

Well done!

KC said...

Thank you. This is a very helpful entry with a movie and book review. I want to partake of both of the texts you mentioned. Just another reason to love A Little Leeway.

Judy Williams said...

Don't forget what Kevin Hawkes taught us about eyebrow placement for goodness sakes.

LH said...

Judith, He didn't tell the thirdlanders about eyebrow placement. He must have talked to the littles about that. FILL ME IN AT ONCE PLEASE!

Thanks, KC. I just bought another Lynda Barry book. I wish I could see her right now.

MM...I stare at the cake case so often. I wish I had a cake case in my house.

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