Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Coffee

Walking to the coffee shop this week I passed 2 people sitting on the sidewalk.  One guy said to the other, "I used to be a major heroin addict.  And I have schizophrenia."

I felt sad but also happy that the man was no longer addicted to heroin.  Then I got to the coffee shop and 2 men were talking about health care.  One guy said, "You know with Obamacare, they're going to take all the services and the medications away from the elderly.  They don't care about the elderly because they're going to die soon anyway."
    The other guy said, "That's how things are now with Obamacare."

I found this conversation quite troubling, but I moved back to my work.  I've learned that there's no reasoning with people who hate Obamacare.

A few hours later, I had the worst experience of ALL. I'll tell you about it thusly.  A young dad was in the coffee shop with his 3 kids.  The littlest kid was a meager toddler.  As they waited for their order, the dad continuously threw the meager toddler high into the air and then caught him again amidst screams of laughter.  I've neglected to tell you this, but there's nothing that bothers me more than someone throwing a child into the air above a concrete floor.  Every time he threw the meager toddler, my whole body clenched up and I squinted my eyes nearly shut and I gritted my teeth together in order to avoid screaming and begging for him to PLEASE STOP!  PLEASE STOP!  I am still thinking about trembling when I think about the horrific scene that unfolded before my eyes.

The coffee shop life is a good one overall,  but as you can now see, it's not without its peculiar set of troubles and tribulations. Yesterday I decided to work at home.  I had some quiet music on and no one around.  Today I'll stay home too I think. I'm next to a sunny window with all my papers and books scattered about me. Husbandman thinks I can finish chapter 4 by my deadline, Monday night.  I have my doubts.  Let's kick it into gear my friends. Let's kick it into gear.


nancy reynolds said...

I am with Husbandman on this. You can do it!

cb said...

Me too. We know you can do it and are sending chapter finishing vibes your way.

(I'm also with you on the kid throwing thing. Horrible.)


Judy Williams said...

You go, girl!! Get 'er done.

LH said...

I did not make my deadline . Dire straits.
Tomorrow's another day

Judy Williams said...

Goals are meant to be modified changed and reevaluated. Get on that.

KC said...

I commented on this and my comment seems to have disappeared. I believe in you!

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