Friday, July 22, 2016

The History

History in the Making: There's a corpse flower on campus and it's about to bloom.  I went by to check on it today. On the way over, I caught another Pokemon. I have 3 now. Once I got to the greenhouse, I found the corpse flower. Then I stood around with some people staring at it.  The IUBiologist thinks it will bloom on Sunday.

I'm trying to decide if I like to drink black coffee.  I think I do.

Not super productive today, but I did see the corpse flower and I caught Spearow.  I told an acquaintance that I felt self-conscious walking around looking for the Pokemon and she said, "What?  You're doing the  greatest thing ever.  It's the others who should feel ridiculous, simply walking around, totally out of it, not catching Pokemon." I guess she has a point when you think about it.

It's hideously humid, so I'm boycotting nature for the next few days.  Down with NATURE.


mike mike mike said...

up w/ black coffee

Judy Williams said...

I need to check on that incredible plant. Today.

LH said...

I wonder if it will bloom today Crossing fingers.

Yes, black coffee it is. This is one more way that I'm now kind of like Patti Smith.

mm said...

I love that you're chasing Pokemon.